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John Paul Cook, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, OSU

​Curriculum Vitae


Office:   Mathematical Sciences 406

               Stillwater, OK 74078

Phone:   744-5773 (area code: 405)

Email:    cookjp "at"

               (click here to see my OSU math page)

​Recent Publications:

Zazkis, D., & Cook, J. P. (2018). Interjecting Scripting Studies into a Mathematics Education

Research Program: The Case of Zero-Divisors and the Zero-Product Property. In Scripting Approaches in Mathematics Education (pp. 205-228). Springer.  (Link)


Cook, J.P. & Zazkis, D. (2017).  A contradiction in how introductory textbooks approach matrix

multiplication?  IMAGE: A Bulletin of the International Linear Algebra Society, 59(2), 21-22. (Link)


  • student cognition in undergraduate mathematics

  • developing student-centered, research-based curricula


  • 1483:  Functions and Their Uses                 (Business Pre-Calculus)

  • 2890:  Topics in Calculus

  • 3613:  Intro to Abstract Algebra

My paper 'An Investigation of an Undergraduate Student's Reasoning with Zero-Divisors and the Zero-Product Property' was recently accepted for publication by the Journal of Mathematical Behavior!


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