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Presentations:  These are videos of some of my recent presentations that somehow found their way onto YouTube.  The one on the left is my presentation of a light-hearted humor essay at USAO's Festival of Arts and Ideas.  On the right is a joint talk (with Milos Savic and Brian Katz) that we presented at the Legacy of RL Moore Conference in Denver (my portion of the talk is 0:00-5:30).

Musical Performances:  In the distant past, I played guitar and mandolin in a band with other faculty members at USAO.  One of the other members of the band, a statistician, named us the Degrees of Freedom.  The video on the left is the tail end of an acoustic performance of Old Crow's Wagon Wheel, and on the right we have a full band rendition of Devil Town by Bright Eyes.  

Instructional Videos:  Every now and then I make instructional videos to help students with particular topics in courses that I'm teaching.  Below are two examples of these kinds of videos from linear algebra.  The one on the left I actually created to recruit students to take the linear algebra (and it worked -- the enrollment doubled!) and the one on the right is a guided exploration of the null space of a matrix.

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