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News Articles

Article by the USAO News Bureau about my research:  

"Research Yields Prime Conference Spot, Publication."  


Article by USAO Alumni Magazine about the 2014 award winners:  

"Four Faculty Members Honored for Teaching, Research."  

Inquiry-Based Learning in Undergrad. Mathematics:

Pre-Calculus:  contact Marilyn Carlson, Arizona State University

Calculus:  contact Mike Oehrtman, Oklahoma State University 

Linear Algebra:  Inquiry-Oriented Materials for Linear Algebra (IOLA)
Differential Equations: contact Chris Rasmussen, San Diego State ​

Group Theory:  Teaching Abstract Algebra for Understanding

​Other RUME Researchers:

Milos Savic, University of Oklahoma

Michael Tallman, Oklahoma State University

Megan Wawro, Virginia Tech University

Keith Weber and Juan-Pablo Mejia-Ramos, Rutgers University

Kristen Lew, Arizona State University

Spencer Bagley, Univ of Northern Colorado


Send me your website and I'll include it here!

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